Cercal Update

There always comes a point when I feel overwhelmed by information overload, just trying to understand what the questions are is daunting. Especially the theoretical stuff, everyone is hitting this at a dozen different directions at once and clearing out what is meaningful and what is noise makes my head hurt. Each time I go through it the math gets more familiar so I will continue my plodding ways. I realize that, although a single experimental animal is useful, there isn’t enough information on just one animal, I’ve got to look at the behavioral process and universalities within a behavioral process.

I get the idea that wind reception, at least in crickets, has evolved from touch reception. Olfactory and pheronome reception are also tied to this as an odor plume is also a structure of wind dynamics. Here is what I have so far:

  • Information on spider behavior and a model of the air turbulence around a striking spider.
  • Spider wind/touch sensitivity and how it differs.
  • Some information on the evolution of this system.
  • Differences in sensitivity as a cricket grows.
  • A database of the published structural parameters of different axon arbors of the axon arbors of the sensory neurons. I have found 11 of the 13 published types.
  • A NEURON model of the lamprey touch neuron axon arbor.


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