Jobs Movie

Saw the movie about Steve Jobs. It was OK but there were a few parts I had trouble with.

First, I thought it was a bit dumbed down, the movie was Hollywood and not a documentary but Hollywood never has had much respect for people’s intelligence.

Second, there was this “Great Man and his vision” narrative that drives business in this company and most film industry depictions of business. Jobs was a genius who turned ideas into products but the people around him were the ones that created those products.

Third, the so-called controversy over the Mac and Windows operating system was contrived and out of context. If Jobs actually made that call to Bill Gates he was a bigger ass than he came off as. Microsoft saved the Mac by leasing Office for Mac to Apple. Jobs, like everyone else, had heard about what was happening at Xerox Parc in Palo Alto. He had arranged with Xerox for them to purchase Apple stock and was rewarded with a trip to see a working vision of the modern computer and he took back with him all of it’s ideas and several of it’s engineers. This was the defining moment in personal computer history and was completely ignored by the movie which acted as if all these were Job’s ideas. A big disservice. The Xerox Alto was built around three basic concepts, a graphical operating system, multitasking, and a networking environment. It cost $16,000. Jobs had to constantly weaken features to get what he wanted. The first Mac didn’t have color or video output, which is why I abandoned Apple for almost 10 years. The first IPhone didn’t have multitasking.

I’m giving the movie a ‘C’.


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