Looking east at Whetstones

Whetstone Mts.

Went on a Springs Assessment with Sky Island Alliance March 15-17 to the southern and central western slope of the Whetstone mountains. The area is a mix of Forest Service land, state land, county conservation easement and private land. Camped on a beautiful ridge with great views. Ended up in the group that went to two springs in the rugged central region, one at the extreme southern end which we had to get to from the east side and one near the campsite. Of the four, only one had strong flowing water and all the had been modified for cattle. The flowing spring was completely covered and piped to a tank with a shallow pond below. The others were in various states of abandon. About normal for this region. What cattle have done to the land is sad and all deals with the land owners go out of their way to please them. Then they complain about government intervention! As if they are not dependent on the government for keeping their industry alive! On the southeastern side was a huge thorny forest of catclaw acacia and mesquite, three hundred years of cattle eating deed pods in the lowlands and moving higher, pooping the seeds out.

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